We are a married photography duo located in Knoxville that specializes in Romantic & Cinematic Wedding Photography. We believe in providing our couples with a personalized wedding experience and artwork they will enjoy for decades.

We like to define ourselves as “Artwork Focused Photographers”. Our photography style, experience, and the overall process are completely focused on the final product – the finished artwork piece.

• 10+ years of photographic experience
• We have gone from Canon to Nikon, To Fuji and now happily at home with Sony professional cameras.
• University of Tennessee Photography Certificate
• Experience with multicultural weddings including but not limited to Kenyan, Rwandan, Mexican, Indian, Cuban, Honduran, Italian and more. 
• We have photographed weddings in the rain, in the snow and at night, all while creating beautiful imagery for our couples
• We attend annual workshops to improve our craftsmanship, never settling for the mediocre

• We enjoy road cycling and sleeping during weekends off
• Jon still doesn’t speak fluent Spanish, even after 5 years
• Roxy loves Lululemon
• Jon can have breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner